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Aquila Airpulse PK 2
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The Airpulse PK 2 wheelchair cushion system is Aquila Corporation's most dynamic cushion system. It was designed to be the most advanced solution to treat pressure sores and prevent new sores from forming.

Each and every Airpulse PK 2 wheelchair cushion system is custom made to order to address the client's specific needs. We have taken on many challenging situations with remarkable results. Clinical Reports and customer feedback have proven this product to be effective and doctors frequently recommend the Airpulse PK 2 for use by their patients.


Aquila cushion systems
Aquila Corporation builds state of the art wheelchair cushion systems specifically engineered to treat pressure ulcers.

Aquila wheelchair cushion systems are designed to be the most advanced seating solution to help heal and prevent pressure sores.

Aquila's award winning pressure ulcer treatment cushions have been used in clinical studies and case reports written by medical professionals. A case study involving their powered cushion was also recently published in a peer reviewed medical journal. Aquila is on VA Government contract and have helped thousands of people to heal their pressure ulcers and keep them from coming back. Pressure ulcers do not have to be a part of your life if you use a wheelchair and we can help if you have pressure ulcers or are high risk for developing them.

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